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Bosch to expand smart system in a big way for the 2023 season

A new VOLspeed tuning module for the Bosch Smart System will be available from 15.5.2023. VOLspeed Tuning for Smart System Features.. Bosch had introduced tamper detection with the release of the Performance Line CX Gen 4 in 2019, which was also retrofitted in the older Gen 2 and Gen 3 motors via software updates in the following months..

2022 Bosch Smart System Tuning (BES3) with the KIOX 300 Display

SUPER B - Lockring-Tool for Bosch Active Gen3 / CX Gen4 / Active Line Plus / Brose / Yamaha PW-X. 19.90 € *. VOLspeed E-Bike Tuning for Giant Syncdrive Pro2 / Sport2 V4. 179.00 € *. Delivery weight: 62 g. *. Browse these categories as well: Tuning modules for Bosch, Tuning Modules. Tuning for Bosch Smart System.

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Bosch Gen4 2022 BES3 (Bosch Smart System 2022) Here you will find tuning tools that are compatible with the Bosch Gen4 Smart System 2022 BES3 e-bike drive system ("BES3" stands for "Bosch development level 3"). Very often, these drives are also referred to as "Bosch Smart System 2022", and sometimes simply as "Bosch Gen5".

VOLspeed Tuning für Bosch Smart System VOLspeed

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And the fact you have a gen 2 kiox and not the 300 suggests you don't have the Bosch smart system… gen 4 perhaps? Reactions: JMP85. P. Polaris Active member. Oct 15, 2018 388 262. Neues Tuning für Bosch Smart System 2022 jetzt lieferbar Tuning Optionen für den neuen Bosch Smart System 2022 E-Bike Antrieb sind derzeit noch äußerst rar.

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The smart system. Product presentation. The smart system leads you into the digital eBike future and ensures more individual riding fun: The eBike Flow app and all components such as the drive unit, battery and display are fully connected. You simply transfer updates over-the-air - so your eBike continues to remain up-to-date after its purchase.

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The PearTune MSO 4.0 removes the 25 km/h speed limit of Bosch Smart System e-bikes, so you can ride much faster with full motor support. By the way, "MSO" stands for nothing other than "Max Speed Off". You don't need a PC or smartphone to operate the tuning. You can switch the tuning on and off at any time using the control buttons on your bike.

9 Tuning Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Bosch Electric Mountain Bike Bosch Smart System

E-Bike Tuning for Bosch Gen4 Smart System 2022 (BES3). Make the Bosch 2022 e-bike faster with the new tuning sensor.. Bosch Gen3, Bosch Gen4. VENDOR: Badass Box. Badass Box 4 for Bosch Slim Set Important: You only need this set if the Bosch Slim Sensor is attached to the chainstay with the original adapter (first picture), or has been.

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The Bosch Performance Line CX Gen 4 motor is an impressive performer, and it can be custom tuned to your preferences. Tuning the Bosch Performance Line CX motor. Where things get more interesting with the Bosch Smart System and eBike Flow app is the ability to custom tune the motor's performance.

Bosch Performance CX 2020 Infos und erster Test zu Gen4 YouTube

For this reason, we currently have to advise against tuning the new Bosch 2020 motors. We always keep you up to date and of course inform you immediately as soon as a reliable tuning chip is available. UPDATE (12/13/2019): The manufacturer has now started the advance sale of the SpeedBox 3.0. The new version of the popular SpeedBox should again.

9 Tuning Tips for your Bosch eMTB Bosch Smart System Review

Badass Box 4 for Bosch "Slim-Set". MESC MicroBoost: Mountain Tuning Module for IO Hawk Legend. 129,90 €. The sIMPLEk Nano edition combines the normal version and the Stealth edition of this tuning module. The speed limit of Bosch Smart System e-bike engines is removed and can be adjusted. Correct speed reamins readable.

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SpeedFun Furious Evo tuning ebike Bosch Smart System CX. If you have a rim magnet speed sensor, there are only 2 options that I'm aware of, the Megabobra DIY unit and the e plus unit,. US SW on bosch gen 4 cx performance. Jona; Mar 13, 2020; Replies 3 Views 4K. Aug 26, 2020. Dr. Don. D. H. Derestricting bosch smart system. hallohallo; Jan.

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The most advanced technicians in the world use the Bosch suite of solutions.

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The smart system - fully connected . The smart system - consisting of the eBike Flow app, control unit, display, battery and drive unit - and turns your eBike ride into an individual experience.. The new system generation combines technically high-quality eBike components with an ever-growing number of new digital functions that you.

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Bosch Smart System is a massive upgrade for E-bikes but what does it do?Jack from Bosch talks us through all the tech and performance details of the on bike.

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The tuning chip from VOLSpeed for e-bikes with BOSCH Performance Line CX drives of Generation 4 with Smart System (BES3). The tuning chip is compatible with all BOSCH drive systems that use the Smart System (BES3) and whose motor support ends at 25 km/h. Excluded are e-bikes that are equipped with a rim magnet, as these are not supported by the tuning.